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My entries are based on my own experiences and thoughts that are based on information related to the subject of the latest discoveries of conventional medicine and naturopathy. They relate to nutrition and cosmetics.

To consider.

Are you what you eat?

What really motivates people to change their lifestyle and nutrition? Is it a trend, fashion?

I think that each of us must reach the "limit" when the body begins to shout that something is wrong, it is a struggle and in need support. When get bad moods, frequent bouts of "sadness", boredom and nervousness is nothing but daily gallons of coffee, meat stuffed with antibiotics and steroids, sterile food – is it just so leave it at that?

I stopped and I started to learn myself. Listen to what my body tells me.

Let's start with iodine.

In times like today, when it is fashionable to appropriate nutrition and use

cosmetics without chemicals "spices" (as well as other things, but those listed are just in my interest), what is the cause of so many illness and diseases.

In my opinion it is precisely THIS FASHION. We stopped to listen to ourselves and we started to adapt to what the media impose us what is a healthy food.

Well not for me to judge (I was once one of those creatures), I'm here to share with you very interesting news that I gained studying about my problem ( when I was trying to restore the necessary balance in my body).

Today's topic is problems with the thyroid or the need for iodine (the first step), which is responsible for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland but also ovarian, prostate, breast, eyes, pancreas, lungs (and it seems to me those several common organs are usually attacked by cancer).

"Iodine is required in micrograms for thyroid and breast and other tissues, and in therapeutic purposes can be used in gram quantities" - Dr. David Miller

So short and to the point.

"Iodine is a powerful essential nutrient, with broad effects of medicines, and a hundred years ago it was commonly used by most doctors. From 1900 to 1960 almost every doctor in the United States using a solution of iodine (iodine) in their practice both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism also many, many other cases, all with excellent results. In fact, iodine was considered a panacea for all human illnesses " Signs that you should not ignore:

muscle cramps, cold hands and feet, a tendency to gain weight (no matter how little you eat-just fatter August from the air), poor memory, depression, headache, edema, muscle pain, weakness (such excessive fatigue during the day though someone suddenly extinguished the light- departure for 15 minutes was the foundation), dry skin and brittle nails, cysts (and the breast is best palpable touch), swelling ovary- are some of the fundamental problems.

And where can we find iodine:

ocean fish, shellfish, unrefined sea salt, algae and other seaweeds, fish stock, butter (it's important that the cow ate grass), pineapple, artichokes, asparagus, dark green vegetables and eggs (well, of course, from the chicken that walking around the yard and has a happy life)

Dr. Robert Rowen says that "the breast, ovaries and skin cysts - solving every case of breast cysts, iodine also has a remarkable healing effect on ovarian cysts."

Besides, nowadays the vast amounts of halogens such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine added in water, soil, packaging, cosmetics or everything we eat, applied to the skin, and then breathe killing our small traces of iodine (back to chemistry lesson, it’s about halogens and weight). Halogens are necessary for normal body function, not necessarily in such quantities.

Passing to the point in this field do not be afraid

to supply yourself of iodine, Eat properly. Fill the diet with B vitamins (especially important in this case, B2, B3, B12 - the rest of the group B does not hurt), selenium, zinc and magnesium


According to the researchers, this inconspicuous-looking seaweed is an excellent source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and especially iodine, so important for people with changes within the thyroid gland.

(Although the latter element may appear to be a particularly valuable one must exercise caution. Why? The content of iodine in the algae, which goes to the dietary supplement depends on the salinity of the tank, and this as we know it can be very different. You have to remember that iodine though necessary for the body, in excess can cause more harm than good. kelp 100 mg contains approx. 180-200 mcg of iodine, which is enough to cover the daily requirements)

This part is contrary to other studies by number of people interested in the subject , because

(60 million Japanese consume daily about 13.8 mg of elemental iodine, and are one of the healthiest nations on the basis of the general welfare and statistics of cancer)

As well as very accurate view by blogger Pepsieliot

"I searched two countries with in as public data and contrasting the different consumption of the same element. My jaw dropped when I learned that the average intake of iodine in Japan. It is - attention - 14 mg, or hundred times more than the recommended average daily intake. At the same time it is a consumption exceeding the dose deemed safe 14 or 28 times. How does it affect your health? In Japan, breast cancer is (or rather was until recently) 3-5 times less frequent than in comparable European countries or the US. The same applies to prostate cancer, cancer is now the "only" two times thinner. The same applies to diseases of the thyroid gland - which according to the doctors should be massacred so many of iodine in the diet. According to doctors the amount of iodine should kill newborns - and yet the infant mortality rate in Japan is 2 times lower than in the US. "Wrzuta very sensible and careful Internet user nickname - Tomakin

My passion in making cosmetics. They’re 100% natural (you can eat them :))

So now some information about how to provide iodine from the "outside" .

Cosmetics which are based on algae or salts ( the blessings of the seas which contain iodine) are easy to do. In addition, they provide iodine into our bodies and they are the source of antioxidants, they soften and moisturize the skin. They do not sensitize or irritate.

Let me also add that my articles are not sponsored. As a result of my passion, interests, and experience has expertise in the subject of supplementation, which here wants to share with you. This information is presented to you as a curiosity, the choice you make is entirely up to you.